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Rose de Noir


Rose de Noir – a Polish performer living in Łódź in central Poland, performing all over Europe. A  performer that lives to burlesque and burlesque to live. She is one of the few Polish  burlesque performers that offers regular shows at the international level. As she says, she is dancing since she was born, expiriancing various  dance techniques from balet to bellydance. Since 2013 active burlesque artist, that find a way to express herself throw combination of dance and  diferent performative techniques such as aerial dance, cabare, magic, illusion to create a unique shows.

In her Act collection you can find as well as Classic burlesque acts as  Neo burlesque and comedy acts that were shown all over European burlesque festivals out of which most important are: 

Como Lake Burlesque Festival (Como - Italy) – winning crown and title of Como Lake princess;

Bohemian Burlesque Festival (Prague - Czech Republic)- winning crown of Bohemian Princess 2018 and getting first European burlesque Legends Prize 

World Burlesque Games (London - UK);

Caput Mundi Burlesque Award (Rome - Italy);

Miss Burlesque Russia (Moscow - Russia);

Milan Extraordinaire (Milan - Italy);

Fringe Festival (Edinburgh - Scotland);

The Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival (Rijeka - Croatia) –Invited several time as a international headliner and  beaing a part of festival jury.

In her European and world jurneys Rose was performing and gaining burlesque experiance from the best performesrs in the world, such as Dirty Martini or Jett Adore (performers whe are a part of Dita von Teese show), also meetnig Dita von Teese in Zurych in 2018, allow her to produce her own show Łódź Burlesque Gala that is organized anually in her Hometown. She also leeds regular burlesque classes in Poland and creates marvelous costumes















Rose de Noir and Dita von teese Zurych 2018  


   web www: http://rosedenoir.com/

   fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/rosedenoirburlesque/